Best time to visit Greece and the Islands for good weather, honeymoon, swimming, cruising..


What’s the best time to visit Greece? Well, that’s a tricky question with no short answer! The best time to visit Greece depends on many factors including what type of traveler you are, what the purpose of your visit is, where you want to go and the list goes on and on. But let us tell you one thing: If you think the best time to visit the Greek islands is in August, you’re in for a surprise!


Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about the best seasons to visit Greece, how to make the most out of your visit, and many more useful pieces of info about your trip!

When is the best time to go to Greece in a nutshell


  • Mykonos
  • Santorini
  • Paros

June to mid-July and September


Average temperatures in Greece throughout the year


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Tourist seasons in Greece


At a first glance, the summer seems to be the only season to visit Greece. The weather is hot, the sun shines, and the water is warm enough for swimming. However, there are way more options to consider!


November to March


The period from November to March is considered the low tourist season in Greece. The weather is chilly most of the time, but warm sunny days are frequent, especially in November and March.


Given that the restaurants and hotels on the islands aren’t operating, this is not the best season for Greek island holidays. However, the winter season is perfect for holidays on the Greek mainland. Athens is way less crowded in the winter, so you’ll get to experience the authentic side of the city like a local. What’s more, this time of the year is ideal for excursions to popular winter destinations, like Arachova, Kalavrita, and Olympos!


April, May, and October


If you want to take advantage of the good weather in Greece without putting up with hordes of tourists and overcrowded attractions, visiting Greece in late spring (April and May) and middle-fall (October) is your best bet.


The Greeks celebrate Easter in April or May, so they usually spend this time on the Greek islands or in the countryside. Around this time, the tourist season also starts with many businesses starting to operate on the islands and the first tourists starting to arrive.


October on the other side marks the end of the tourist season in Greece. The weather is still good, the water is still warm enough for swimming, and the hotels and restaurants are still open. But, neither the islands nor the mainland is overflowing with tourists, while prices are much lower than in the summer.


June to mid-July and September


June to mid-July and September are the best months to visit the Greek islands if you want to enjoy all the perks of the summer holidays in Greece without the August crowds. The period from June to mid-July is ideal for those planning on visiting Mykonos, Santorini, Paros, or another super-popular island. That’s because the tourist season has begun and travelers have started going to the islands, but the planes aren’t overbooked, the restaurants and bars aren’t packed, the beaches are not overcrowded, and hotel prices are usually lower than in August.


This is also the case for September. In September, the sea is ideal for swimming, as the water is warmer than at the beginning of the summer, while hotels aren’t overbooked and there aren’t any wait lines at the most popular attractions!


Mid-July and August


The second half of July and the whole month of August is the peak season in Greece. During this time, the Greek islands overflow with tourists and it’s quite impossible to find a table in the bars and restaurants of the most popular Greek islands if you haven’t made a reservation well in advance.


Mid-July and August obviously aren’t the best months to visit Greece if you want to relax or spend quiet time with your family. However, for those who want to meet new people, party like there’s no tomorrow, or have a taste of the cosmopolitan side of the Greek islands, August may be a good option. Just make sure to pre-book everything at least 3-5 months before your trip!

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